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Who dat?? Who dat??

Who dat speaking at my alma mater?? Yes, President Barack Obama was the commencement speaker at Rutgers University this weekend, and was awarded an honorary degree!! I love that he went to this school – not some place that offered him ridiculous amounts of money, or somewhere that’s always crawling with the academic elite. He made a lot of people very happy – we’ll be so sad to see him leave office IMG_2354 - Copy

Advertisements Get Yo Hands Outta My Pocket!!

Big news today – help for students and graduates drowning in debt related to their education.  President Obama has announced steps to provide some relief to these students – what do you think of it? Does it go far enough?  Will you benefit from this aid?  If student loans weren’t a problem in your life, what would you do??

Think about your education and debt. Was it all worth it to you? Are you in a better place in life because of it?  I am facing some steep debt, but I say emphatically that it was worth it!!  I loved school and my job.  I am very happy with who I am and where I am.  I could have made some smarter decisions where money is concerned, but overall, I’m good!!

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